Our Story

Brett Fliegler, President and CEO Circle

When my father, the senior dentist at Pine Street Dental in Kingston, NY, decided to cut back his clinical days after 40 years of practice, he turned to me for advice. He knew my background in business, and particularly my decade spent in healthcare services, would be helpful in determining the next best move for his thriving practice. A light went off in my head, and BrookBeam was born—this was my opportunity to create a company in an industry I knew well (dentistry), in a place where I grew up and have deep knowledge of (Hudson Valley), and to do it with the person I admire most (my father).”
-Brett Fliegler, President and CEO


BrookBeam Dental was formed as a Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) by Brett Fliegler in December 2015. Focused primarily in the Hudson Valley and Albany regions of New York, BrookBeam Dental’s goal was to empower dental practices by giving them the opportunity to affiliate with a collaborative support network.

Dentists choose to partner with BrookBeam Dental because it alleviates the burden of daily business and administrative responsibilities, while allowing each practice to keep the unique personality of its individual office intact.

young dentist male and female smiling at each other