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BrookBeam Dental’s philosophy can be summed in one word: collaborative. 

As a Dental Partnership Organization (DPO), we are committed to developing strong relationships with every one of our affiliated practices.

What makes BrookBeam Dental different from other organizations?


Open, honest, two-way communication is the key to success for our partnerships. By working collaboratively together, we can help each dental practice achieve its goals!

Dentist Autonomy

We trust the clinical expertise of our partner dentists. By relieving the burden of running a business, BrookBeam Dental allows dentists to focus on caring for their patients.

Best Practices & Standard of Care

We choose our affiliates very carefully, and our partner dental practices are committed to delivering the highest levels of patient care. In support of this goal, we offer continuing education and training opportunities for staff at each practice.


Each partner practice employs at least one senior dentist with 15-20 years of experience, offering mentorship and growth opportunities for junior dentists. In addition, BrookBeam Dental employs a full-time Clinical Director to provide mentorship and support for our partner doctors.

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One Size Does NOT Fit All

We customize the way we work with each partner practice, honoring its individual personality, background, and culture. Some examples of the flexibility we offer:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Preferred dental supplies, materials, and equipment
  • Customer service methods
  • Accepting insurance or operating as fee-for-service
  • Forms, letterhead, and other materials unique to each practice
  • Marketing strategies
  • …and more!