What is a Dental Partnership Organization?

A Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) offers business support to a network of affiliated dental practice partners.

The DPO is founded on principles of collaboration and fluid communication between the corporate team and the dental practices they support. Partner dentists can customize the amount of support they receive for their practices across multiple areas – including recruiting, HR, IT, finance, marketing, mentorship, and much more.

By partnering with a DPO, dentists can spend their time caring for patients, while the highly trained business professionals at the DPO manage the business and administrative aspects of the practices.

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Advantages of joining a Dental Partnership Organization

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Dentists can focus on patients, rather than on administrative tasks

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Access to pooled resources with a network of other partner dental practices

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Increased purchasing power for supplies and equipment

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Support with a range of business services – HR, IT, finance, marketing, and more

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